Story of a larger than life character by @unspun

This piece was written by Unspun a.k.a Ong Hock Chuan in memory of Sukyatno Nugroho

“.. in spite of how successful he became, he couldn’t give a toss about appearances or status. He was totally open and retained a child-like enthusiasm for promoting his business and other projects in a self-deprecating manner. Whenever he talked about Es Teler 77, the business he founded and grew together with his in-laws and wife, he would sound totally infectious through his passion.

He would regale his audiences with his adventures and before you know it he would co-opt you into a project or two that at first sounds hare-brained but on reflection made sense.  He had a huge gung ho attitude and optimism of a can-do person and apparently throughout his life he lived like the Nike slogan where he went out into the world and “just did it.

What he did was to snatch Es Teler 77 from the jaws of ruin and turned it into one of Indonesia’s largest franchise with over 150 outlets throughout the country, with outlets in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and probably in the near future, Saudi Arabia. Not only that he also became an icon ofr many poor Indonesians seeking to hit the big time through entrepreneurship. In his later years he was invited to universities and business schools to share his experiences and knowledge.”  Read more


About Prinsip Di Sini Senang, Di Sana Senang
Biografi Sukyatno Nugroho (pendiri Es Teler 77). Cerita petualangan seorang lelaki putus sekolah, yang sempat mengalami jatuh-bangun berkali-kali, tetapi dengan keuletan dan kegigihannya berhasil menaklukkan segala keterbatasannya sampai akhirnya berhasil membangun bisnis waralaba makanan cepat-saji pertama di Indonesia.

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