Book tackles the ‘Drunken Master’ by Jakarta Globe

“Sukyatno was known as the ‘Drunken Master’ of marketing in Indonesia,” said Hermawan Kartajaya, himself a marketing expert.

Sukyanto Nugroho earned his nickname after he created a thriving business out of es teler, a drink made up of jackfruit, coconut and avocado mixed with milk and shaved ice. In Indonesian, “teler” is also slang for being drunk.

People can now learn from Sukyanto’s rags-to-riches story in a new book, “Prinsip di Sini Senang, di Sana Senang” (“The Happy Here, Happy There Principles”).

Written as a memoir, readers seeking inspiration will find that Sukyanto’s life story may be even better than all the self-help books put together there.           Read more


About Prinsip Di Sini Senang, Di Sana Senang
Biografi Sukyatno Nugroho (pendiri Es Teler 77). Cerita petualangan seorang lelaki putus sekolah, yang sempat mengalami jatuh-bangun berkali-kali, tetapi dengan keuletan dan kegigihannya berhasil menaklukkan segala keterbatasannya sampai akhirnya berhasil membangun bisnis waralaba makanan cepat-saji pertama di Indonesia.

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